Manassas Eyeglass Repair has a 90 day completion policy on all repairs! & We accept all major credit cards!

We offer many premium services at Manassas Eyeglass Repair, including:
Silver soldering
Custom paint touch-ups Temple replacement Cable conversions for metal or plastic temples Pinbond (for plastic frames) Hinge replacements of plastic frames Drillouts of broken screws Rethreading of eyewire barrels (stripped screw) Pad arm installation on Zyle frames Nosepad and temple tip replacements Ultra Sonic cleaning

Trust all of your eyeglass repair needs to Manassas Eyeglass Repair, we can handle any repair you need! Use our convenient mail in service when you can't come to our physical location! Even if you're from another state, our service is so excellent we are sure you will use Manassas Eyeglass repair, located in Manassas, VA!! Please trust our skilled service technicians to not only repair simple breaks and bends, but to touch up paint, clean and mend your glasses. After all, you need them to see, don't you?! So why would you trust your glasses to another repair shop? There's only one choice - Manassas Eyeglass Repair!!


Knowing the parts and peices of your eye wear will help you describe any issues or broken peices you may have to our technicians!

Please refer to this eyeglass diagram whenever you need to know what a part is called.


Manassas Eyeglass Repair
7573 Centreville Rd. Manassas, VA | Phone: 571-208-0025


Do your lenses look cloudy?
Does it look like your coating is peeling, cracking, or beginning to have swirled scratches in them?

It may be the Anti-Glare/Anti-Reflective coating, We can remove the AG/AR coating and it will clean the lenses back up.



Protect eyes on the job, with professional instillation of Spec-Shields from Manassas Eyeglass Repair.


Take a look at our work! Why trust your eyes to anyone else?!
This slideshow is proof of our hard work and dedication to customers just like you; enjoy our "Before/After" presentation below...

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